More Than Just a Pet Hotel,
We’re Also a Care Facility for Furry Friends With Special Needs

Wagonertail Spa owner Danielle Wagoner is not just a loving, caring host to your furry friends, she brings you and your pet six years of previous experience as a veterinary technician. She knows how to make and keep your pet comfortable. Danielle’s family includes dogs, cats, llamas and, previously, parrots.

While we’re always happy to have your healthy, happy pet as our guest, Wagonertail Spa specializes in caring for pets with special needs – those who are elderly, arthritic, ill, recovering from injury, temperamental – in short, the pets that other facilities often turn away.

Wagonertail Spa welcomes geriatric and other special-needs pets. We know how and when to give them their medications, care for wounds that are healing, provide physical therapy, and keep arthritic guests both comfortable and moving. Our small size makes it easy for us to provide this kind of specialized care.

We pamper your pets as if they’re our own.

We’re There With and For Your Pet 24/7/365

Wagonertail Spa is not a kennel. Your pet’s home away from home is also our home. We’re always there for our four-legged guests. If they’re unhappy in the middle of the night, we’ll hear them, make sure they’re all right and give them whatever care they need.

Large Exercise Yard, Comfortable Indoor Accommodations

Your dog will love the long, grassy run on our 2-acre grounds. Weather permitting, all our canine guests get plenty of outdoor time every day. At night, they’re safe and comfortable inside.

If your dog is social, he/she may spend a lot of time in our communal yard. For pets who prefer to be alone, we have large individual runs.

In-home Cat Boarding

Your kitty will feel right at home at Wagonertail Spa. We usually have only two or three cats staying with us at once, and we give them the run of our house. If any two feline guests seem not to get along, we just keep them apart, still giving each one all the in-home care, attention, security and comfort they crave and deserve.

Experience with animals of all shapes and sizes

Danielle’s experience extends well beyond cats and dogs. She’s spent over two decades also working with llamas and horses. In fact, the four llamas she currently owns are pastured right next to the dog run. (She also works with other people’s llamas around California and beyond. If you need your llama sheared, Danielle has the know-how.) This broad background gives Danielle insights and sensitivity to a wide range of animal needs, moods and behaviors.

Further Background

Danielle Wagoner founded Wagonertail Spa in 2009. She had been raising and training llamas for years and loves animals. When she had the opportunity to acquire the small farm on which her home and pet-care facilities are now located, she did it intending to establish a doggy boarding center. The business into which it grew is the fulfillment of a long-held dream.