Special Needs & Geriatric Care

Wagonertail Spa welcomes elderly and other special-needs pets. We know how and when to give them their medications, care for healing wounds, and keep arthritic guests both comfortable and moving.

Vacation Care

Too many people with ill or elderly pets feel unable to leave home on vacation – sometimes even to visit family and friends – because they feel obliged to stay home to provide the love and care their dogs or cats require. Many pet facilities are reluctant to accept ill or geriatric dogs and cats. Wagonertail Spa relieves you of this burden. We’ll treat your pet with the love and care we give our own dogs and cats. And we know how to care for all their special needs. So, whether for a weekend or a longer vacation, we wish you safe, worry-free travels!

Day Care

Sometimes Fido or Tabby only needs care for a few hours or a day while you’re away from home. For many people with young, healthy pets, this may not present a problem. But if you have an ill, elderly or arthritic dog or cat, you might want the assurance of having your furry friend stay with people who know how to look after its every need. Wagonertail Spa offers you that peace of mind.

Pickup and delivery

If you like, we can pick up and drop off your pet. We can also transport them to or from the vet for you – not just when they are staying with us, but any time you need help getting them to/from the animal hospital.

Danielle also has the equipment needed to transport ponies, sheep, goats and llamas wherever needed.